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St Patrick’s Day Around The Globe

St Patrick’s Day Around The Globe

Originating from humble beginnings, St Patrick’s day has grown and flourished around the globe. Born in the heart of Ireland, the day is now recognised as a cause for celebration as far as New York, Tokyo and Sydney. But who celebrates it the best? Who has the biggest parade? The most irish dancing? The most fun?

We’ve compiled a list of the most exstravagant and exciting places to celebrate St Patrick’s day around the world. If first you’re wondering what on earth is this day we’re talking about, or you just want to learn a little more about it, click here.

1. Chicago, USA

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Chicago has perhaps the most unique means of celebration we’ve seen. Every year, 45 pounds of eco-friendly vegetable dye are poured into the Chicago River to turn it green for the day. This tradition dates back to over 50 years ago, with over 400,000 on-lookers watching annually.

2. London, UK

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Being Ireland’s close neighbours means it would be rude for London to not go big for St Patrick’s day. London certainly puts on a show for occasion. If Irish storytelling sessions, Irish film screenings and Irish art exhibitions wasn’t enough, the UK also lights up the London eye bright green to let the whole city know it’s time to party.

3. Dublin, Ireland (The home of St Patrick’s day)

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Where to next than the host of the party? If you expected Dublin to have the craziest St Patrick’s day celebrations of them all then you weren’t wrong. Of course, one day isn’t enough to celebrate St Patrick’s day. Instead, Dublin celebrate it over four whole days. The celebrations feature a beer village, a 5 kilometre road race and a multitude of street performers.

4. Sydney, Australia

Despite being on the opposite sides of the world, the Irish tradition has made itself all the way to Sydney. Perhaps you would expect that the distance between the two nations would mean less awareness and a much smaller scale party. Nope. Australia’s capital is host to the second biggest St P’s day parade in the world. They also host the Green Gathering at Prince Alfred Park, where you can find guinness, festive music and lots of dancing.

5. New York City, USA


Now for the biggest St Patrick’s day parade in the world. NYC certainly doesn’t shy away from endulging in the Irish culture. Their parade tends to last a minimum of 6 hours, with waves of green and orange flooding the streets. Last year they took the celebrations one step further and lit the Empire State Building green, impressive.

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