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Quiz: The Art of Contradiction – Which Politician Said What?

Quiz: The Art of Contradiction – Which Politician Said What?

“Words matter, words matter when you run for president and they really matter when you are president” Hillary Clinton said during the first presidential debate. Whether you agree or disagree with her statement, it’s undeniable that contradiction has a bad influence on the opinion of voters.

It’s nothing new that politicians rephrase or exaggerate facts, to make their message more meaningful; this happens in every election. A lot of the viewers of any typical debate are bombarded with facts that they don’t know about; so who to believe? It’s the main cause for a lot of diversity between voters.

Whether it’s their opinion on the marriage between a man and a woman or health issues, politicians often make a variety of statements; in other words: there’s a lot of contradiction in politics. Can you guess who made the following statements?

“The Art of Contradiction” Quiz was made by Sebastiaan, intern of StuDocu. StuDocu is a website where students can exchange their study documents. For more information, go to

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