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Quick and easy DIY cosmetic recipes that will let you save money and help the planet

Quick and easy DIY cosmetic recipes that will let you save money and help the planet

Saving money while preserving the earth and our health? Let’s do this!

Taking care of our hygiene is a daily task for everyone. But sadly, a lot of our products are polluted with unhealthy chemicals and packed in unsustainable plastic packages.

A report of the campaigning organisation “Friends of earth” explains the dangers of the daily usage of industrial, chemical products. It’s true, we are not aware of the ingredients we put on our skin everyday – so why not move towards a more natural solution?

Using self-made cosmetics is also a huge step when you want to decrease your plastic pollution. According to the magazine iD, the beauty industry is responsible for 120 billion units of packaging per year.

Here are some easy and cheap DIY recipes for cosmetics you use every day!


  • bicarbonate of soda (3 spoons)
  • coconut oil (3 spoons)
  • essential oil (3-6 drops) (for example: peppermint, lemongrass, grapefruit)
  1. Choose a small container for your toothpaste
  2. Melt the coconut oil
  3. Blend it with the bicarbonate of soda (be thorough otherwise the powder will settle at the bottom of your container)
  4. Add the essential oils
  5. Let it cool down – and stir it again after a few minutes to make sure it’s well mixed

Tip: This amount is the size of a sample and lasts about a week.

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  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 tbsp bicarbonate of soda
  • Small pinch of salt
  • 5 – 7 drops of essential oils (peppermint, tea tree, lemon, grapefruit)
  1. Choose a container for your mouthwash
  2. Mix all the ingredients…
  3. ….and shake it!
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For this receipt we have an unusual option for you: Rye flour! You’ll probably need to convince yourself to do it – but you won’t regret it.

Why rye flour?  It’s the only flour with a sufficiently low amount of gluten. Gluten makes dough very sticky, so if you try it out with other flours (like wheat or spelt), your hair will be covered in a glutinous paste. So, stick to the rye flour!

Also, be sure to choose the finest  rye flour you can find. This way, you will have an easier time washing the mix out of your hair!

Making the change to this way of cleaning your hair can be difficult. Our skin is so used to shampoo and other chemicals that it will have to adapt to the new, natural treatment. But keep in mind, the pH value is 5,5 – exactly the same as our skin, making this the most healthy way to clean your hair and your scalp.

Make sure to prepare a new shampoo every time. If you leave it outside, it will ferment. You’ll be able to bake bread with it, but we don’t recommend it for your shower.

  • For short hair:    230 ml water / 4 large spoons fine rye flour / 1 tbsp of bicarbonate of soda
  • For long hair:   300 ml water / 5 large spoons fine rye flour / 1 tbsp of bicarbonate of soda
  1. Mix the water and the rye flour until it’s a homogeneous, smooth paste
  2. Take your shower, use it immediately!
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If you like to use conditioner, this is the perfect replacement: Apple Vinegar. “What? Vinegar??”

Yes, absolutely! This magic potion doesn’t belong only in our salads.

Our hair is structured in cuticles – just like fish scales. The vinegar smoothes those cuticles down, which results immediately in shinier, smoother and less tangled hair. As well as being chemical free, there are some additional health benefits too! Just like the shampoo, this conditioner has the same pH value as our skin. The pH value determines if something is alkaline or acid. On our skin, a mantle with the value of 5,5 is the natural protection against bacteria or pollution, by supporting this value we enhance the natural protection of our body.
Plus, the natural acids in the vinegar act as an antibacterial cleanser!

Probably you’re having doubts because of the smell: On wet hair you will smell the vinegar, but as soon as your beautiful, shiny hair is dry nobody will smell a trace of it!

Adding some drops of essential oil will help reducing the unpleasant vinegar smell and add a nice scent.  

  • ¼ – ½ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 drops essential oil (whatever smell you like! I prefer lemongrass)
  1. Mix everything in a cup
  2. Pour it over your hair after you cleaned it
  3. Let it soak into your hair for a few moments (I use that time to clean/wash my body)
  4. Rinse it out

Tip: Use a cup for your mix, the hilt will help you pour – even with wet hands.

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This the perfect Sunday morning recipe! And totally zero waste by the way…

Clear skin is something we all want. But buying expensive scrubs, is a waste of money and time, believe me. You simply take your (quite fresh) coffee grounds and you’re almost there!!

  • Fresh (but not hot!) coffee grounds
  • 1 big spoon of oil (If olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil – the selection is huge and the choice is yours)
  1. Mix the coffee grounds and the oil
  2. Use it immediately
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