In life there are several stages and each stage has a different ending. One of these stages is the wonderful student years, which can not finish better than with a big party: Prom.


That event where we are mixed emotions, congratulations, the pictures, toast, and toast and toast until next morning and that everybody waits since the first day of university.

Each of us live or have lived the prom in a different way

On one hand, are those who get involved so much with this event that they are part of the organization team, thinking that it will be a wonderful experience to organize something so important for all his companions But they really don’t know that they are getting into a cage full of hungry lions.


On the other hand, there are those who remain outside and prefer others to organize the event. But within this subgroup, as in everything in life, there those who are not satisfied with anything and others who simply think and accept what majority says. Ah! Let’s not forget those who haven’t been to school very much or who have spent the last few years on exchange, or somewhere else, and think going to the prom is more theatrical than Shakespeare. How right.

Dress code

The big dilemma everyone have in common is the issue of clothes. What should I wear? Don’t be mistaken, this is not your cousin’s wedding. It is an event where you have to be elegant, but without overdoing it. But hey! Everyone goes as elegant and comfortable as possible in their own style.

That high 15 cm heel and a lots of bow ties and suits you wear, although you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Very cute are those girls with their 15cm heel in their hand.

prom picture

The most important moment

Finally the day arrived, you are nervous but it gives you an illusion seeing your parents taking pictures of you, your mom crying of happiness when you have your diploma in your hand. Moment where nobody knows what to do, should I give the hand to all the authorities present, should I give the hand of kiss? Or if I will be the fool of the day falling off the stairs. And not to mention that relief you feel when you think and you run back to your site so all the eyes across the room focus on the next student. Relief that disappears when suddenly the photographer stops you and tells you to have a smile from ear to ear, for THE PHOTO OF THE DAY : You, your band , diploma and your false smile .


The speech

What has surprised you the most of the whole ceremony is the speech that the most loved by all professor, dean or any of your colleagues, has prepared, made you cry, you tried to hide to not look like a wimp in front of your classmates. You do remember how you met members of your gang, first impressions, anecdotes of that teacher the first year that made your life impossible, how you copied at the so complicated test , liters and liters of coffee drunk during exam periods and subsequent liters and liters of beer, wine, rum, gin or whatever when you finished them.

thesis defense

The big party

After all this, comes the most awaited moment. The food and the great open bar. But above all, the open bar that will leave an unforgettable headache the next day. Well do not think the drink they offer you for 40 euros, including dinner, be a good quality. Complete bullshit. But still, you will drink until forgetting your name and crawling and you will have one of the best hangovers of your life, because you can finally say you’ve finished the race. Oh no! Wait! You need at least present the TFG*, and practices. The title reaches your hands to finish framed that will hang in the room even knowing that you have not exchanged a word with more than half of the people who appear in it.

Passed out after the party

And yet, the day after prom you feel the older, brighter and the most mature person in the world. But be prepared for what comes up: job search. So good luck my friend. The next stage is the most fucked and long of your life. Start your entry into the working world and you remember these tips you did not take to avoid ending the race with bad curriculum, and become the best in class to get a good job. Do not stress out, because you really have achieved what you wanted for so many years. Be free. As John Lennon.


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