Exam season is in full flow and the procrastination epidemic is taking over. Just like the summer season brings out hay-fever, exam season sees a significant rise of people falling victim to procrastination. You may have also heard the illness be referred to as ‘Laziness. Very similar to other recent epidemics including Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola and the Zika Virus, procrastination is also a silent but deadly killer. It is likely to kill your dreams. ambitions and grades.

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Seemingly most at risk to this disease are students, especially those with upcoming exams or deadlines. Below we have composed a list of symptoms for you to keep an eye out for, if you think you have any of the following symptoms, go to see a teacher to get a proper diagnosis and use StuDocu for both short & long term solutions


  • You have a lot to get through but you find yourself swiping through endless Tinder profiles
  • You do every other task imaginable but avoid doing the one most needed
  • You stare emptily and your work for what seems like eternity without actually doing anything
  • You say the words ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ or ‘Just one more episode’ more frequently than usual


If you have any of the above symptoms it’s important you put your phone to one side and focus your mind on the task ahead.

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Lauren Stangel, 21 from the Netherlands has suffered from procrastination for over two years now, she spoke to us to offer some advise to others in similar situations. “You know, it just starts out by replying to one text and before you know it you’ve shared three memes, got 3 Tinder matches and have finished an entire season of Orange Is The New Black. It is real and we need to start talking about it before dreams are killed”.

Procrastination is real

Please, if you recognise your own behaviour or the behaviour of anyone you know in the video above, refer them over to StuDocu for an immediate cure.


Stay safe & beat procrastination.


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