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5 Reasons why music helps you study better!

5 Reasons why music helps you study better!

Music has been a vital part of our everyday life for decades. Wherever you go, you can see people with head phones in their ears, hear radios turned on and listen to live music on the streets. Music evokes an emotional response in all of us. It has the power to make us feel happy, sad, excited and nostalgic – taking us back to past experiences and emotions.

We listen music when we clean, exercise, or even study! However, many times I have heard that noise distracts people from studying, that I should not listen to music while working, reading or hitting the books. Despite all these very good advice, I always found it relaxing and easier to study if there was a constant noise in the background.

I wanted to find out about the effects of music when studying. I researched scientific articles and later talked with friends about their own experience. It amazed me how many students related to my own experience! That is why I decided to share with you at least five good reasons why listening to music helps you study better.


If you are easily distracted, then music in the background is not such a good idea, since it will prevent you from focusing. Conversely, if you work better as a multi-tasker, then nice chill-out music in the background will help you focus your mind.

Who says electronic music cannot help you concentrate? They clearly haven’t heard this mix

A little mix of guitar and piano never hurt nobody!


We all know that with exams approaching our palms get sweaty, suddenly sleep avoids us, and worries start increasing until it reaches a boiling fever. Especially, if you are like me, studying the last day or even the last minute.

Well, do not worry! Music helps your brain relax and takes away the worries. Consequently your brain will have more space to retain the necessary information, and all the energy you would spend worrying, you can now spend studying!

Just turn on the music and enjoy the ride

If you are a fan of hip hop and jazz, here is the best jazzy hip hop mix

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Relax, take it easy

As we have all experienced, music has effect on our mood and our mood is important for a more useful study time. The right kind of music while studying will put you just in the right kind of mood!

If you like a relaxing deep house style here is the perfect mix

You might want to try a very up-beat song before studying. I have been told Queens song “Don´t stop me now” has the right beats per minutes to get you into the excited mood necessary for long study sessions.

I personally enjoy the most a good mix of piano music in the background, the feeling of one constant instrument, relaxes my body and brain enough to be able to concentrate on studying or working:

relaxing jazz , chill out piano mix or a very good piano mix!

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You can do it!

We definitely need endurance  for those long study sessions, with exams right around the corner and not having opened the books. Relaxing music in the background aids you to resist longer study sessions. Hours can go by and you won’t even notice!

Do you like chill step? Here are some good mixes for you!

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Music creates a positive mood which will indirectly boost your memory capacities. Don’t believe me? Try it!

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Here are some mixes to boost your memory capacities:

These are my personal favorites. They kept me company during many sleepless hours:

relaxing music mix, beautiful piano mix, and the worlds most breathtaking contemporary mix!

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But be careful!

Do not listen music with lyrics, especially the ones you already know! Your brain will automatically join in the singing and will be unable to retain anything.

The habit of listening to music with lyrics while reading, studying or writing, makes you less efficient and prevents your brain from obtaining the necessary information.

Loud or agitated music also has bad effects on studying, reading or writing.

We challenge you NOT to sing along!

Let us know in the comments to how many you did NOT sing along and whether the article made you smile!

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