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Housing in The Netherlands

Housing in The Netherlands

Housing in The Netherlands can be difficult to find. Are you moving to The Netherlands for an internship or exchange? In this article we will explain everything you need to know about housing in The Netherlands, including how you will find your new home!

Big cities

It might be the case that you already have a certain city in mind. However, if you are still deciding, you will want to evaluate your options. If you are looking for more urban places, cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague will suit you.

While Amsterdam is most known, Rotterdam is also worth considering. To illustrate, the city is quickly developing and is known for its modern architecture in contrast with Amsterdam, which has a more medieval vibe because of the old buildings and bridges.

The Hague is a city that is very near to student cities Leiden, Delft and also Rotterdam. What makes the city special is that the most popular beach of the Netherlands is located in this city. Moreover, it is the political capital of the Netherlands and has great shops, restaurants, and museums.


Small cities

Are you looking for more cozy cities that appeal to young people like yourself? Take a look at Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands. The city is near to the Belgian and German borders, so it has an international vibe. In the north, you can find Enschede and Groningen. These two cities have a huge population of students which are known to go out a lot. Also, if you would like to steer away from the crowd, there is a lot of nature to be found past the city borders.


Finding housing in the Netherlands can sometimes be tough, depending on where you are looking. In the big cities there is a lot of demand for housing, so you have more competition. Yet in the smaller cities like Groningen, housing is a bit cheaper, but the demand is still high.

Therefore, it is important to start your search early on. Dutch students generally search for their housing online or through their friends. Furthermore, you can check out websites like Kamernet or Kamertje to find affordable housing in the Netherlands, like rooms (shared housing), studios and apartments. Shared housing is quite popular with Dutch students.

It implies that they have one room in the house and the rest of the facilities are shared. Because housing in the Netherlands can be expensive, sharing is a great solution. Additionally, sharing house is a great way to meet new people.

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