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Essential tips for your next festival

Essential tips for your next festival

Going to a festival isn’t like going to a party.. you have to be prepared and bring all the necessary things – not too much, not too less..
This post will guide you to an amazing experience during your festival!

Don’t book Amsterdam Dance Event, Tomorrowland or Glastonbury if you are a festival virgin


It is essential to feel good, have fun and enjoy the event as much as possible. Therefore it is better if you start with something a little smaller, such as one-day event. You can still enjoy listening to music in the open air while waiting for your drink or your hamburger, but if it all gets too much as it usually happens in three-day festivals, you may become overwhelmed. Are you ready to be in the middle of the crowd? There are around 350,000 people going to the Amsterdam Dance Event; queuing for hours to buy some food or drinks, enjoying the music, walking all over the place and leaving the festival whenever it is finished.
Trust us, if your first festival is a three-day world music fest in a different country then it will be your first but last festival too.

Don’t think one change of underwear and 50 euros will be enough

passport bag

You will need your must-haves plus a lot more! This is about fun, not glamour. Pack a lot of baby swipes, a wind-up mobile phone charger and enough bottles of water to keep yourself hydrated. If you are not prepared there will definitely be some people trying to charge you crazy amounts for a charger or deodorant. You might want to keep your cash, phone and cards safely.

Don’t wear your favorite t-shirt, and leave your jewelry home!

creamfields music festival group photo

You don’t know what could happen during the festival. There could be a lot of mud, rain and possibly beer ruining your favourite t-shirt. Bring at least four changes of outfit to be able to survive a three-day festival. Be smart with the clothes you choose – you need to feel comfortable.

Bring your partner in crime…


Make sure to go with a friend/brother/boyfriend/cousin who you can count on, somebody you can have fun with but would also take care of you if you are too drunk. But don’t forget.. What happens at the festival, stays at the festival. Remember to not get carried away. The even could last three days so be crazy, do whatever you want, don’t let the music and environment go to your head, get arrested for being drunk driving, or even worse get yourself in an accident. So be careful and enjoy it while you can!

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