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Christmas Gift Guide for Students

Christmas Gift Guide for Students

Christmas is just around the corner. Even though it’s supposed to be a very peaceful and calm time, most of us tend to get stressed. Probably because we have to think about gifts and we don’t want to again give away vouchers which never will be actually redeemed. Or maybe you’re a student and you can’t throw money around like confetti, but you actually are on a low budget. But don’t worry! We have come up with a Christmas Gift Guide for students on a limited budget. 


For most of us, Christmas is all about food. Everybody gets excited about food, right? Why not give away homemade chocolates or cookie? You can wrap them very nicely or put them in a jar. Like that, the person receiving the gift can reuse the jar for foods like flour or oats after they have eaten the cookies.

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DIY Calendar

What I also really like to give away are self made calendars with pictures. It’s very affordable and super personal. You can gather together your relatives, everybody provides some pictures and you come up with a nice calendar for e.g your grandparents.


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Self made Cooking Book

If you enjoy cooking, you can give away a self made cooking book. Just write down all of your favorite recipes and print them. Afterwards, you can just put them in a nice folder. Not only the person receiving the cooking book will be happy about it but also it’s a nice source of inspiration for yourself for the days you don’t know what to cook. Not expensive at all, but a very useful present.




Personal Bucket List

If you’re looking for a present for your boyfriend, girlfriend or your best friend, the next idea could be something for you. You just have to think of 100 things you still want to do together with him or her. This serves as your personal bucket list. Once you came up with ideas, you write down each of them on a piece of paper. At the end you put them in a Mason Jar and wrap it nicely. You won’t get bored, when you have 100 things to do!


Happiness in a Jar

Have you heard of “happiness in a jar”? If you’re still thinking about something to give your mom, think of something like a spa day: Just put things like a facial mask, nail polish and chocolates in a box or jar. Like that, she’ll have something whenever she feels like having a spa day at home.

Moreover, you could do “brownies in a jar”, where you put all of the dry ingredients, like flour or cocoa powder, layered in a jar. It doesn’t only look nice, but also it makes baking very easy. Once you have added a label on what you still have to add, the person receiving the jar can easily make brownies! If you want to learn more, check this out.

What I also really like, is a jar with 365 pieces of paper (one for every day of the year). On those pieces of paper you put things which remind you of the person, like shared memories, song lyrics or motivational quotes. 

If you’re looking for something for your dad, think about giving him a voucher for a nice dinner in his favorite restaurant (of course you can also cook it yourself). Or what about a new coffee mug with a picture of you two?

PS: If you need to think of something you can wish for, check out this post

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I really hope, this blog post was inspirational and  our Christmas Gift Guide helped you to come up with gifts for your loved ones. Have a nice Christmas time

Written by Franzi for StuDocu


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