Studying seems to be the best excuse to consume all kinds of candy, sweets, chips and dips. We absolutely love it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do more than give us an energy kick for a short amount of time. This article will mention 8 sorts of brainfood you should eat while studying. They will not only increase your energy and health, but eventually your grades too! 

Pumpkin Seeds 

pumpkin-seeds brainfood studocu
For your daily amount of zinc, a handful should be enough to enhance your memory and thinking skills.

Whole grains

Bread_and_grains brainfood studocu

The human brain cannot focus by itself. A frequent and healthy portion of energy in the form of glucose is needed to achieve the optimal form of concentration. Whole grains with low-GI are one of the best providers of glucose. Especially the ‘brown’ whole grains such as wheat bran, granary bread and brown pasta.


brain-food spinach studocu

Boost your brains like your muscles. Spinach has a lot of benefits, starting with reversing memory loss due to the folic acid that is found in these little green leaves. It improves the blood flow and reduces inflammation due to the antioxidants it provides. For those who don’t adore spinach, try to hide the flavor by making smoothies (it’s great with banana and avocado!). Perfect for brain food, but don’t eat too much – otherwise you’ll end up being rather gassy…

Dark Chocolate

brain-food studocu chocolate dark chocolate

No sweetness will do you good like dark chocolate during your study sessions. Okay… real dark chocolate is not sweet at all, but will increase the blood flow to the brain, which will increase your alertness and clarity. If you were looking for a reason to keep eating chocolate you just found it! This is one of the most delicious brainfoods on our list.

Oily FishCanned_Fish brainfood studocu

Like it or not, oily fish might be a life saver when it comes to passing exams. Salmon, sardines and mackerel are the healthiest types of fish. Oily fish contains lots of protein and omega 3, essential to keep a functioning brain working well. It is easy to get hold of too as they are sold in cans! Caution: consider the smell when you prefer studying in public places like libraries.

Crazy for Nuts

walnuts studocu brainfood

Containing enough Vitamin E in the body prevents cognitive decline. And let it be that nuts contain enough of it. We think students favourite will be walnuts. They are tasty and full of omega-3, so a great alternative if you prefer not eating oily fish. For the fatigued students among us, trying to fight the tiredness during late night sessions, choose Pecans. They’re full of folic acid and the Vitamin B3 in the nut helps us access the energy in our bodies.

Peanut butter

peanut butter pindakaas studocu brainfood

To extend on the nuts, we recommend a more unhealthy -but actually very good for you- option. Just a little bit can keep your brain at full potential for a long time. Running late? Grab peanut butter on toast to keep you going!

Lots and lots of fruits and veggies

fruit vegetables studocu brainfood

The obvious of the obvious, we know. All kind of fruits and vegetables provide essential minerals, irons and vitamins. It might be rhetorical, but many people underestimate the power of the energy boost we gain from them. Low in calories, tasty and the perfect substitute for sugar that converts into energy. Little tip: go bananas! Find more tips about eating healthy and the top 10 Brain boosting food here


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