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Amsterdam top 7 must visit restaurants

Amsterdam top 7 must visit restaurants

If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, you are going to want to try the awesome variety of cuisines here. This is a list with a mix of hidden gems as well as some more well-known restaurants. Whether you are a traveller or a student wanting to try a new restaurant with friends, this is a list of restaurants that are a must visit when you are in the Amsterdam area.

7. Pluk Amsterdam


Pluk makes it on my top 7 as a must visit in Amsterdam by a landslide. It is a small cafe for lunch that serves fresh food. It’s known for its smoothie bowls, which are emerging as the new healthy, hip and delicious food choice.  My first experience there was wonderful and everything I had ordered was delicious. It is best to eat there for lunchtime. It is also nice to even grab a coffee or tea with a friend on a lunch break or just for a lunch date in the city.

6. Restaurant De Kas


De Kas is a beautiful Organic Mediterranean Restaurant situated in Park Frankendael in Amsterdam East. The restaurant itself is a large Greenhouse turned into a restaurant. The dining room is  breath-taking, and gives a beautiful atmosphere while you enjoy your lunch or dinner. It is more on the pricey side, but worth it for the experience and of course the food. The vegetables they serve in their dishes are all home  grown and organic. Each dish explodes with amazing flavours and variety. You do not want to miss out on this must visit amazing greenhouse experience.

5. Kantjil & De Tijger


Kantijl is an all time favourite Indonesian restaurant of mine in Amsterdam. I have eaten there several times on my lunch break. It is also loved by my colleagues at StuDocu, and never fails to please us! You may visit Kantijl for Lunch or dinner, but for my self-experience, it is a great lunch choice on the go. You may choose a base item like rice varieties or noodles, a vegetarian item and/or a meat item. If you are up for trying good Indonesian food, Kantijl is a must visit.

4. De PizzaBakkers


Pizzabakkers I have visited many times for dinner. Whether it was on a date, or going to get a bite to eat with my girlfriends. Each time coming back to eat there, it gives me another reason to keep returning again. The pizzas are quite affordable, and the serve a large variety of pizza choices, so there will always be a choice for everyone.

There are four Pizzabakker restaurants in Amsterdam. Because of this, it is flexible depending on your location in the city. Each restaurant is also lovely decorated and gives a modern feel. Whether you are feeling up to some pizza for lunch or dinner, Pizzabakkers is a must visit pizza place in town.

3. Jacketz


Jacketz is a must visit restaurant, because who doesn’t like giant stuffed Dutch potatoes? Every potato is home grown in The Netherlands, and you may choose a whole potato or a half if you do not think you can finish everything. I have eaten at Jackets several times. Each time I love trying different varieties of toppings and fillings that go together. You first choose your potato size, the filling you want and lastly the sauce you would like on top or on the side.

2. The pancake Bakery


If you enjoy a good pancake, especially a Dutch one, then the pancake bakery is the number one must visit Dutch pancake restaurant in Amsterdam. The menu ranges from sweet and savoury dessert-like pancakes, or standard dinner pancakes. Options range from Mexican to Greek, or from Mediterranean to American. Each pancake is big, so, you will be eating well. I have brought friends here a couple times, and each time everyone falls in love with these pancakes.

1. Casa Di David


Casa Di David makes it on the list as a must visit in Amsterdam because of its beautiful and even romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, don’t forget the delicious and classic authentic Italian Food. If you are wanting to go on a date, then this  restaurant is a romantic choice. I, myself have been on a date here, and our whole experience was wonderful.You can have a night out of eating at Casa Di David for any occasion. I find a certain charm to the place and on top of that my Italian dish was to die for. It is located in the Centre of Amsterdam, and if you are lucky you can reserve a seat with a view of the beautiful lit canals at night.

A couple of bloggers from Amsterdam list their favourite Amsterdam restaurants that one can visit if the list I gave is too short. Anne de Buck the blogger of yourlittleblackbook lists 20 budgetable restaurants in Amsterdam. Victor of Victortravels blogs about the cheap but excellent restaurants in Amsterdam.

Written by Isabel Travis

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