Pictures with funny captions that spread on the Internet with the speed of a virus, or meme, became part of our culture. Many of them capture regular people, in let’s say, awkward situations. Have you ever wondered who these people are and how their virtual fame affected them?

Crazy IT party

crazy IT party meme IT party now








Who wouldn’t know these 4 nerdy looking guys with glasses sitting above plastic cups in what seems like a school canteen? However, this picture was actually made on a mathematic competition in a small Polish village in 1998. While the whole world was laughing at them, they were working on their career. Two of them have high academic positions, while one is working for American company SpaceX. The only one who misses glasses in the original picture is now a software engineer in Google and earn $ 200k a year. In the second picture, you can see their reunion in 2015.

Disaster girl

disaster girl bieberdisaster girl now










Girl from the meme known as Disaster girl is Zoe Khan. Her father made the picture during the fire in their street in January 2004. He uploaded the picture and titled it ‘Firestarter’. Thanks to the expression on Zoe’s face that looked like she set the house on fire, picture won a prize in JPG magazine. Shortly after that, it went viral and the whole internet was creating thousands of memes with her face. Today, Zoe is 16 years old, attend high school and speak Chinese fluently.

McKayla is not impressed


mackayla now











American Olympic medalist McKayla Maroney became famous after she looked a bit disappointed during the ceremony at Olympic games in London, 2012. At the moment, she was not really excited about the second place in the vault finals. Now she is 20 and after few injuries, she said goodbye to her career of a gymnast. She tried acting by having small roles in TV series Bones and Hart of Dixie. Currently, she is busy with doing music and well, posting bikini pictures on her Instagram (with inspirational quotes of course).

Scumbag Steve

3580c315e3f99ea913998cc984912660c5efc213b34d73a2e2d06c213c3a6155scumbag steve now










Scumbag Steve is called Blake Boston and the picture that made him famous on Internets was taken by his mom. She was taking photography classes and apparently thought that pictures of 16years old Blake are actually good. According to Blake’s words, she was really sad when she saw that her ‘photoproject’ turned into a meme representing ‘high school douchebag’. Today, Blake is 21, expecting his first child, studying full time and working during nights. Besides that, he also has his own Youtube channel.

Overly attached girlfriend

overly attached girlfriendLaina Morris










The face of the girl famous as the overly attached girlfriend was a cutout from a video that Laina Morris submitted into Justin Bieber’s competition. It was a remake of his video Boyfriend but with lyrics that would fit the name, Girlfriend. She played a bit obsessive and crazy girlfriend and even though she didn’t win, her video (and meme) went viral. Later on, Laina quit her job and devoted her life to the world of social media, as a professional YouTuber.

Bad Luck Brian

bad luck brian friendzonebad luck brian now











This picture that Kyle Craven (25) took for his 7th-grade yearbook uploaded to Reddit his best friend Ian. According to Ian, Kyle has always been the clown of the class and the photo was meant to be ridiculous. So to the disappointment of all of us, he does not laugh normally like in the meme. And he actually earned quite some money selling Bad Luck Brian material – around $20,000 in 3 years. In addition, big brands like Volkswagen or RealPlayer used his face for their campaign. However, he didn’t quite his job as Laina. In real life, Kyle is a project manager at his father’s company that builds churches.

Grumpy cat










The fame of constantly upset cat meme started in 2012, also after uploading the picture on Reddit by the brother of her owner Tabatha Bundesen. Tabatha claims that kitty, named Tardar Sauce is actually very cute and cuddly. Her grumpiness is , as she says, due to feline dwarfism and underbite. Grumpy cat appeared on many big Amercian TV shows. Moreover, in 2013 she became Official Spokescat of Friskies. In the second picture, it is her at MTV Movie Awards wearing a mini version of Pharell’s iconic hat designed by Vivienne Westwood. What a life.



Written by Nina Vysna



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