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6 Progressive Programs for Students or After Studies

6 Progressive Programs for Students or After Studies

Have you ever felt that your studies are not giving you enough global perspective? A global knowledge or enough skills for life after studies?  Or perhaps you felt like you could not find the proper study? Something to feel passionate about? Did you ever feel like you want to do more? To contribute to a better future, but did not know how to do it? Do you know what progressive programs are?

I felt all of these things. In fact, once I finished high school I had trouble finding the right study. Something that would inspire me to want to do more. Even after I found the study, it still felt like it was not enough. The courses were not related to the global challenges; be it society, economy, politics, ethics or humanistics. I wanted to be active, experience the theory in practice and learn new perspectives.

Thus I discovered non-traditional, progressive programs. Some of them only one month long and some up to 3 years. Those were progressive programs that strengthened young people’s capacity to take initiative in the face of current global challenges. They help people develop to their fullest potential and expand their understanding. These progressive programs taught me that in order to solve today’s problems I need certain skills. They offered the space for me to develop these skills and respond to the challenges of our time.

Therefore, if you have been searching for different perspectives and approaches, or  for something more, then this is for you! All of the progressive programs that I am describing below are programs that I personally know. I have either attended them or know people who have.

6 Progressive Programs

International People’s College (IPC) – DENMARK

The International People’s College (IPC) is a Danish Folk School focused on international studies and global development. Global Studies are their main focus. Within that lies cultural education, cultural encounters, and global development. They inspire the idea of global citizenship to individuals who take an active part in the world. Individuals who seek cultural understanding, and celebrate diversity around the globe. They educate global minds to become active global citizens. It is a state of mind; a way of discovering your own potential through a global perspective and community.

What is curious about IPC is that it was founded in the wake of World War l by Peter Manniche. Representing his belief that world peace is created through understanding. If people from around the world got to know each other better they would discover what they held in common; their basic human goodness. With this knowledge people could love and help each other. Nearly a century later, IPC is driven by this same idea which is the basis of their work.

Have a look here for more information!

Progressive Programs

The Necessary Teacher Training College (DNS) – DENMARK

The Necessary Teacher Training College (DNS) is a non-traditional initial teacher training and bachelor in pedagogical science. DNS offers a four-year teacher training programme. They are cooperating with One World University in Mozambique.  DNS connect the theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences. They emphasise a learning-by-doing approach and practice community living. The aim is to train progressive teachers who can respond to the challenges of our time.

Students finance their own education and living expenses as an integral part of the teacher training program. Which is why it is possible for students with no financial backing to earn their own way throughout the program.

Ever wanted to be a teacher? Read more about this college here.

Progressive Programs

Youth Initiative Program (YIP) – SWEDEN

YIP is an educational progressive program that strengthens young people’s capacity to take initiative in the face of current global challenges. It is a societal entrepreneurship training, offering an educational program that promotes an expanded global and personal awareness. YIP aims to strengthen young people’s capacity to take personal and collective initiative. Up to 40 participants (18 and 28 years) live, learn and create together for 10 months. YIP provides space to develop to your fullest potential, expand your understanding and find your place in society.

Are you interested in spending 10 months with 40 participants from all over the world and develop your full potential? Therefore, this is the program for you!

6 Progressive Programs

ATLAS, University of Twente – The Netherlands

University College Twente (UCT) is the International Honours College of the University of Twente. It offers a bachelor’s progressive program in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences.  They believe that in order to understand today’s world, you have to understand technology. And solving today’s problems means you have to have design skills. Which is why their bachelor’s programme focuses on science, mathematics, engineering and social sciences.

Have you ever heard about it? If not, you should definitely have a look here.

progressive programs

Classroom Alive – Progressive Programs

Classroom Alive is a mixture of self-organising journey schools. They want to create learning spaces that lead to personal and social change.

A group of international participants create their own curriculum and spend 1/2 of each day executing it. The other 1/2 of each day is spent walking or cycling. This provides the necessary framework for learning.

For instance, one summer during my studies I packed my things, created my own curriculum and joined a Classroom Alive. I studied about the philosophy of freedom, cultures and politics. I joined the group for two weeks and afterwards organised my own. Not only did it helped me develop skills but it also taught how to use them in my job and studies, for example.

You can learn more about how to create your own Classroom Alive here.

6 Progressive Programs


Perhaps the progressive programs above are not something that it interesting to you. Which is why I want to finalise with “Novel Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills” (NEMESIS). This European project that is bringing together education and social innovation.

It represents a new approach towards the attainment of social innovation skills: combining innovative learning models, open technologies, and participatory relations and processes. The objective is to foster entrepreneurial mind-sets and creative thinking. Allowing them to become the social innovators of tomorrow. The project is taking place in many countries: France, Spain, UK and Greece, for example. They are collaborating with many organisations. In addition, they are trying to bring a different approach to teaching and learning to schools.

It this something you are interested in? Find a way of bringing them to your own country. Or try collaborating with them by creating your own project. It can be a great initiative for your future!

6 Progressive Programs

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