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5 Promises a student will never live up to

5 Promises a student will never live up to

Now the midterms are far far behind you and the new semester has been going on for a while now. And a new semester is basically like a new year. Like after every single exam period, we keep telling ourselves that the next time we will do it differently. This will be the semester in which you will show what a great student you really are. Lies. These never ending promises you keep making to yourself while deep down you know you probably won’t keep them.
Here is a top-5 of these “new-semester-resolutions” that you have probably made already.

#1. “I shall not procrastinate”

procrastination studocu study semester student


This one definitely deserves to be the number one. Every exam period we really hate ourselves, because why did we leave all the readings, all the writing and all the studying until the last night?! This semester will be different! Uhu, keep telling yourself that. Check the best tips to study effciently.


#2. “I shall plan my activities”


planning studocu study semester student

You know that one student that has everything perfectly sorted out? Does your week worth of activities in only one day? If he can do it, you can definitely do it! But here you are, reading this post while killing that bag of Doritos, nice planning mate. If you decide to keep skiping classes and lectures get the study notes from StuDocu

#3. “I shall start eating healthy”

diet study studocu semester student

Ehm okay, maaaybe you should include a salad in your life once or twice. But don’t ever think that you can trade all the coke, beer and burgers for detox juices and sad pieces of celery, cause that just isn’t how student life works man. At least try some brain food 😉

#4. “I shall exercise every day”

gym studocu study semester student

And I am sure that you are going to really try. The first day you will work yourself in some serious sweat and the pride will make you feel like that sixpack is calling from up close. But the second day’s pain changes your mind and you realize that calling sixpack was only the one in your fridge.

#5. “I shall party less”

studocu partyhard partying study exams semester student

We all know the feeling of Sunday morning (probably late afternoon) when you wake up feeling like you got hit by a bus while you slowly start remembering and regretting most of your weekend decisions. Every week you promise yourself to start taking it easy. Yeah, like that is ever going to happen.

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