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4  magical Christmas markets in Europe

4 magical Christmas markets in Europe

3 weeks left to Christmas and the holiday spirit has started to spread!

Christmas lights and decorations in the streets, loads of chocolates, festive treats and toys in the stores and of course, the most important thing to make the atmosphere in the cities cozy far away from the everyday hustle and bustle: Christmas markets!

Do you need inspiration for the last-minute Christmas holiday? Or do you want to book a spontaneous weekend to Winter Wonderland? Here, we will show you some of the most magical Christmas markets around Europe – definitely worth a visit! Nuremberger Christkindlesmarkt 

Nuremberger Christkindlesmarkt 

From 29 November until 24 December, more than 2 million visitors travel from all over the world to see the fantastic Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt in the south of Germany. If you want to experience the whole German Christmas market experience with its typical food like Nürnberger Bratwurst (little sausages), Glühwein and it’s world-famous gingerbread, then the traditional market in the heart of Germany is just right for you.

Nuremberg also offers the biggest Feuerzangenbowle, which is a rum-soaked sugarloaf, set on fire and dripped into mulled wine. Definitely a recommendation to try!

Other than delicious food and drinks (which are of course the most important things when visiting a Christmas market) Nuremberg also has a website that has DIY stall trails you can do according to what kind of goods you’re shopping for. A helpful tool when walking through more than 180 stalls! 

La Fira de Santa Llúcia, Barcelona

The Christmas season has finally arrived in Barcelona, and with it, many-colored lights, a huge ice rink and, of course, its oldest Christmas market: La Fira de Santa Llúcia! The 233rd edition of this outdoor market takes place from 29th November to 23rd December 2019. The square is filled with more than 283 stands, where you can find many handcrafted objects, figures for nativity sets and several traditional Christmas decorations.

The market dates back to 1786 and took place during the festivity of Santa Llúcia, on 13th December. Santa Lucía was known as the patron saint of seamstresses, tailors and the blind, so people often gathered during this day inside and in front of Barcelona Cathedral to ask for clarity and sight to the saint. During this time, this market was also called the “girls’ fair”, because many people believed that single women went there with the most elegant clothes and jewelry in search of their future husband.

Today, the Fira de Santa Llúcia is a magical place where residents and tourists can meet to buy gifts, attend activities and in general to immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit.

But there’s more than that! During la Fira, there are many other interesting activities, such as the singing of Christmas songs, traditional dances and the Caga Tio. The Caga Tio is a wooden trunk with the drawing of a smiling face wearing a barretina (typical Catalonian hat) and a blanket. According to Catalonian tradition, children must “feed” their small versions of the Tió every day until Christmas Eve, when they beat it with sticks while singing traditional songs, until the Tió “shits” gifts and sweets. You can choose your personal Tió from the stands at this year’s fair.

For more information, click on the official website.

The Magical Maastricht Christmas Market

Throughout the month of December in The Netherlands, Christmas markets become more than a place to buy food, they become a place to warm up with oliebollen and warm chocolate, find the perfect gifts for friends and family, and spend time with those you love. If you’re thinking of spending the festive season in this beautiful country, there are some incredible Christmas markets and winter events that you must visit. Most Christmas markets in the Netherlands take place outdoors in the streets of various Dutch cities, but there are a few indoor ones. 

In the south of the Netherlands, we found The Magical Maastricht Christmas Market, this cozy city is located near the Belgian and German border and is transformed into a winter paradise full of sparkling lights during the winter months, is open daily between November 29th and December 31st.

Year after year, the Christmas market in Maastricht is organised at the Vrijthof. The Vrijthof Square is the place to be for the biggest attractions of Magical Maastricht, such as a huge ice-skating rink and a Christmas market. The whole square will be transformed into a winter wonderland where you can admire the city skyline from the Ferris wheel, or ride a grand carousel decorated with charming Maastricht scenes.

Around the same time, the city will host the Magical Culture Festival with 90 different theatre, dance and music performances at various cultural hotspots. You will be guided to the most extraordinary parts of the city by countless fairy lights. There will also be all kinds of special activities taking place in Maastricht, such as concerts, walks, and festivals.

If you want to know other Christmas markets in the Netherlands don’t miss the special winter events this season, such as Ice Village Christmas Market at Museumplein in Amsterdam, Haarlem Christmas Market in Haarlem and Royal Christmas Fair in The Hague.

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Tallinn Christmas Market

Filled with beauty, festivity and high spirits it’s no wonder Estonia has one of the most magical Christmas markets across the globe. Located in Tallinn, a city of historic excellence, the Christmas Market begins on November 15th 2019 and ends on January 7th 2020 so don’t panic! You have plenty of time to visit. Since 1441 the market has been up and running every Christmas without fail, offering traditional Christmas goods such as handcrafted gifts and trinkets as well as traditional Estonian sweets, cuisine and beverages to the masses that attend every year.

Tallinn Christmas market attracts people from across the world to witness the wonderful scenes of pure joyfulness during the Christmas period. Welcomed into the city with open arms year after year makes it easy to see why Tallinn Market holds the title of the best Christmas market in Europe in 2019! The Christmas Market is filled with treats from various types of pastries, to freshly baked gingerbread and even mini pancakes coated with a topping of your choice – this is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet cravings, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Why not treat yourself to some mulled wine or one of the many other hot beverages on offer to keep you warm and cosy throughout the day.

Hosted by Santa Claus himself the weekend entertainment includes performances from various singers, dancers and musicians; Santa’s Hut is open for the children to have some fun and they’ll be sure to receive sweets, treats and gifts.  Tallinn Christmas Market is a must visit so make sure you check it out before the Christmas period is over! And if not, there’s always next year.  

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Enjoy the beautiful Christmas time with your family, explore magical markets and of course: do not forget to eat a lot of chocolate and treats!

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