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17 Alternative Cafés

17 Alternative Cafés

Why are Alternative cafés getting more popular?

Students are known for living on coffee, black/green tea and energy drinks. This is what keeps us moving forward; working harder, studying longer, achieving higher goals.

However, the majority of students care about the environment and contributing to a better society. This kind of mentality is becoming stronger and stronger, which is really awesome!

Therefore, we search for alternative places that have fair-trade products, offer vegan/vegetarian-friendly beverages or food, are ecological and maybe even waste-free.

Modern concepts of open-cafés, mobile cafés or coffee shops with edible cups are especially popular not only among youth.

Well, here are some of the most interesting alternative cafés concepts we have found all over the world!


A community is important to human beings. Students who enjoy studying in a nice café will usually choose the one that makes them feel the best.

Especially if they feel that they can contribute to a greater good. We have found many in the USA that put priority in creating a great community. If you are from the USA, you even may know some of them!


In Phoenix, they put quality first: roasting all their coffee in-house and preparing delicious food. But what is more important, they put a lot of effort into building a better community.

That is why they donate a certain percentage of every coffee that you buy for charity!


In Arkansas, are supporting both local and global communities! Local artists and musicians regularly host live concerts and art shows here.

What’s more, the café focuses on the quality of every product and work closely with local farms and businesses, which means all of their products are locally produced!


Is located in Pasadena, their goal is to empower homeless and transitional-aged youth. They believe that outstanding craft coffee can make a difference. That’s why all of their products directly support social good.

Their community thrives to be in the inner circle of an exciting movement which seeks to better their surroundings. Going there for coffee means making a statement that you support the mentoring and employment of at-risk youth. But the good doesn’t end there.

Their exclusive coffee roaster Wild Goose donates 10lbs of food with every pound of beans they sell. Also, Hope provides all of their food and dedicates to employing those who need a second chance. With every visit to Rosebud, you’re making a visible difference in the city.

Alternative Cafés in America

Theme-Based Alternative Cafés

Apart from having a great community, it is also important that the cafes are Eco-friendly and simply human-friendly as well. One example is Cat Cafés.

It is very important, however, to treat well the cats and not only the purpose of attracting costumers with their cats. What we are looking for is alternative cafés that have a greater purpose!

In Singapore, Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa was the first cat café in the country. Their greater purpose is to rescue all the cats they have from the streets.

The cats are freely jumping from one arm to another, purring and giving you the peace you might need. A fun fact about cats is, that Cat Therapy brings indescribabñe joy and relaxation.

Which, let’s face it, there is never enough!

The coffee shops in the Netherlands also have cats, but those are freely coming and going from the cafés.

Alternative Cafés in Singapore


Have you ever heard about a café that also offers workshops? Well, they have become a trend all over the world.

For example in London, there is a café/bar with the name of the café is Look mom no hands that offer bicycle workshop!

In San Francisco,  Workshop Café made a place that powers creativity and productivity. They believe that the environment shapes experience, therefore, they have created this space to enrich lives!

Alternative Cafés in London


As we have mentioned before, many people enjoy working or studying in a nice café. Perhaps it is the vibe, the warmth or the constant buzz in the background that makes it easier for us to concentrate.

Therefore, if you are from Paris or are you planning on visiting the city of love, stop by the Café Oberkampf. It is perfect to sit down in a cosy and quiet place and do some reading or even working for your studies or job.

You will try the best French brews and tasty snacks!

Alternative Cafés in Paris


Besides being able to read or work at a café, if the café is ecological is quite an important attribute as well! Luckily, many coffee shops are turning Eco-friendly and zero-waste.

Or should we say, less-waste? Which as very good as well!

In Barcelona, there are many ecological cafés that are very cosy and welcoming. One of them is SlowMov; an open-plan and interactive café and roastery in a former workshop. All the ingredients are ecological and local!

Another not so know café is Satan’s Coffee Corner. It is an ideal place to meet up with your friends or fellow travellers and have some craft coffee and good food, or beer! It is very international and diverse!

Have you ever visited Slovenia? It is never too late! In Ljubljana, they are very green-oriented and it is easy to find ecological restaurants or cafes.

For example, Cafe Čokl travels to Colombia every year to gather coffee beans. Then they roast it themselves and only offer coffee to go if you bring your own coffee cup.

You can also buy their coffee if you bring a non-plastic jar with you. Way to go towards zero-waste and sustainability!


The mobile-coffee concept consists of cafes on wheels, travelling around town. You will never know where they will be tomorrow, which makes it kind of exciting!

In Pennsylvania there is The Daily Grid-Mobile Café; a food truck travelling around and offering good coffee.

Or Coffee Bike, it is a mobile coffee company on a bike! You can find them at the weekly market, a street corner or book them for special occasions and events. Surely, they attract people’s attention.

Moving Alternative Cafés


The open space cafe concept is very popular nowadays. As it gives a sophisticated and trusting feeling. Especially Amsterdam, where is it very common to find an open concept café.

Our favourite is Bakers & Roasters. It is a New Zealand style café, but you can feel the Brazilian culture in their dishes.

Alternative Cafés with great concepts

In Amsterdam, those kind of Coffee Concepts are also very popular; it offers an open-space with snug sofas, unique art pieces and the magical scent of freshly brewed coffee.


We decided to offer a special section only for Australia because they have amazing coffee shops!

Let´s start with Sydney and The Freedom Hub Café. It is an urban escape where you will feel freedom from daily pressures. It has a chic French industrial styling, with luscious lounges and comfy cushions.

They have many special coffee beans and Australian sourced tea: healthy food, but what’s more important, ethically sourced food. 100% of profits go towards supporting survivors of modern slavery.

Alternative Cafés in Australia

Maker’s Loft Creative Hub is also very trendy with their workshops, studios and events. They follow a dream of inspiring designers, artists and tinkerers. They have grown into a local creative hub & expresso bar for everyone to enjoy!

One last stop in Melbourne! Where they came up with the concept of Edible Coffee Cups! It is a perfect way of being ecological and sustainable. First, you drink your coffee and then you eat the cup as a snack.

Please let us know in the section of the comments about any of your experiences with alternative cafés!

Ceres/Merri Caféis a purpose-built café that provides a relaxed, environmentally friendly experience.  They have a close relationship with local farmers, therefore their products are local and organic, free-range and cruelty-free!

Environmental Alternative Cafés

Lentil as Anything is also a community-based café concept that is committed to feeding and connecting people.

They encourage environmental sustainability and empowering people with knowledge and a community feeling. There are no prices. Everyone is welcome to come for a meal and contribute in any way they can.

Many of their employees are members of the community who volunteer for a meal, to learn hospitality skills, or improve their social or language skills.

The under-employed, the homeless, refugees and the disenfranchised are all given an equal opportunity to gain skills and help their fellow humans.

Please let us know in the section below about any of your experiences with alternative cafés!

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