Living in dorms is an integral part of the ultimate university experience. But if you think about it, every university has its own unique atmosphere. Have you ever wondered about what life can be in a dorm far far away?

Here are 15 rather individual student dorms from around the globe. Which one would you prefer?

1. Brandeis University – United Kingdom

brandies usen-castle-brandeis-university

The dormitory of Brandeis’ is a beautiful castle on a 235-acre campus. It accommodates 3700 students every year and really looks like a fairy tale.

2. Student Housing by Bevk Perovic – Slovenia

slovenia student slovenia

It is on the edge of Ljubljana city center near the river bank. This gives it a picturesque outlook to this unique building.

3. Indian Institute of Management – India

imdp stringio

This building is from the 1960’s. The architect of these buildings conceived the design as a blend of austerity and majesty.

4. Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture – Scottsdale, Arizona

arizona Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture dorm

These are survivalist tiny dorm cabins in the desert of Scottsdale, Arizona. When the students arrive, they are able to choose a structure to live in for the duration of their stay at the school. Here you can watch a detailed video about these cabins.

5. Willow Street Residence Hall at Tulane University – USA

 Willow Street Residence Hall at Tulane University tulane univ

Willow houses 318 students in four buildings. WIllow’s design has even garnered awards from the national design community.

6. Tietgen Dormitory – Denmark

copenhagen copenhagen un

The concept of this building was the realization of ‘the dormitory of the future’ through a clear and visionary architectural idea. I believed they managed to make their goal a reality.

7. Utrecht University – The Netherlands

utrecht uni Utrecht

This playful building became a defining feature of the city.

8. The Campagneplein Dormitory at University Twente – The Netherlands

twent wente

These are two-student dormitories. They are courtyard buildings in the forest including a high-rise with a climbing wall. They are a functional mix of housing, study and leisure.

9. Camplus Turro – Italy


Here there are several amenities, modern structure and beautiful Mediterranean surroundings.

10. Hub at Tucson – USA

Hub at Tucson Hub at Tucson

Real luxury dorm with endless amenities, club room and cool activities.

11. National University of Singapore – Singapore

NUS image-about-graduate-residence

A first of its kind in Singapore’s higher education landscape, the residential colleges are situated in University Town™ (UTown®). These residential colleges offer NUS undergraduate students a new type of campus living, where they can live and learn together with their peers and professors.

12. Scripps College – USA

scripps college scripps

Here, students enter a landscape of peaceful hidden gardens, courtyards, and huge trees with fruits ripe for picking. They study in “browsing rooms” with exquisite architectural details, fireplaces, and windows that bathe them in sunshine almost every day of the year.

13. Paris Gardens – UK

paris gardens paris garden3

On site, there are shared social and study areas located in a stunning penthouse lounge with a breath-taking terrace. It is considered one of the best in London. This student complex also offers fantastic views over central London. Overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye and The Shard.

14. Casa dell’Accademia – Switzerland

switzerland Casa dell’Accademia

It provides a cozy home to a small community with a magnificent garden.

15. WuHuan University – China

china 2 china

These 45 square meter apartments can accommodate a maximum of 2 people and are only available for international students.


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