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12 Days of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

12 Days of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

What’s the most ridiculous, funny or ugly Christmas sweater that you have seen? The trend around Christmas time has been to be fashionable wearing unfashionable Christmas sweaters or dresses.

Companies are organising ugly Christmas sweaters’ days and there are even National Ugly Christmas Sweater Days, celebrated by whole countries. In fact, you can see StuDocu‘s very own Ugly Christmas Sweater Day in the featured picture.

It is that one special day during which you can sport the ugliest sweater you have, without any prejudices and regardless of the circumstances. Wear it to school, to a part-time job, to work, to your sister’s wedding. Got an important interview that day? Oops, tough luck mate. Better luck next year. Most people put on a sweater that is actually not that bad, with a cute reindeer, candy canes on it or knitted in a Christmassy pattern. However, there are always people out there who take it to the next level.


Day 1: Back-up Christmas tree

Nothing says Christmas more than wearing the Christmas tree as a sweater. Not to mention the practicality of it, might it occur that the Christmas tree burns down or something.

backup Christmas tree, ugly sweater


Day 2: It’s gonna be huuuuge!

In Donald we trust! If he says Christmas is gonna be huge this year then it must be so. And if it doesn’t turn out to be huge, there is always the option of pulling the “rigged by the democrats” card.

its gonna be huge, ugly sweater, Christmas, Trump


Day 3: Make Christmas great again

Just like he plans to make America great again, this Christmas sweater also shows that Trump will make Christmas great again as well. We are curious what his political plans are and what the difference will be compared to the Obama administration.

make Christmas great again, ugly sweater, Trump


Day 4: This girl is on fire

This sweater will give you the opportunity to camouflage yourself and become one with the fireplace and its perfect for the wallflowers among us. People will not even notice that you are wearing a terrible Christmas sweater.

Christmas sweater, fireplace, ugly sweater


Day 5: Santa Kardashian

Supposedly Santa also has that greatly desired Kim Kardashian bottoms. It’s big enough to balance a whole glass of milk on it. Watch out Kim Kardashian, Santa is comin’ to town!

Santa Kardashian, Christmas, milk, sweater


Day 6: Christmas present

Wrap yourself as a Christmas present and let your parents know that you are their precious present.

Christmas present, sweater, Christmas, ugly Christmas sweaters


Day 7: Human target

This must be the most fun and interactive Christmas sweater ever. You will be the most popular person in the room, with everyone trying to take a shot at it.

Human target, Christmas, ugly sweater, ugly Christmas sweaters


Day 8: Santa’s ho’s

Ever wondered what Santa and his elves do the rest of the year? Of course, they prepare and pack the gifts for Christmas. Would this be what they do to relax?

Santa's hos, Christmas, ugly sweater


Day 9: Hair tree

Show off your manliness with this cut-out of a Christmas tree in your Christmas sweater.

Hairy tree, Christmas, ugly sweater


Day 10 & 11: Touchy & Feely

Perfect for the ones that live together with their special someone after the kids have left the house and plan to celebrate Christmas for adults.

Jingle bells, feel the joy, Christmas, sweater, ugly christmas sweater


Day 12: Be classy!

Closing off with these classy suits for the boys and girls. Although not technically a sweater, it is in the Christmas theme and it shows that there are alternatives if you are looking for something more classy and chic.

Christmas suits

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