One of the skills you don’t learn in school is how to live together with other people, that’s where this blog post comes in.. Here we will identify the classic ones, it’s up to you to learn how to be a good roommate and prepare yourself, cause it won’t be easy..

The party animal

party animal










It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, your roommate is probably partying starting at the bar from school right after class.

No matter the hangover next day or if it’s exam period. She is always feeling good for a PARTY!

The sex machine

sex machine










Weird noises, something hitting the wall, your bed shaking at the same time than next door and next morning they come out saying “Morning, did you sleep well?” – REAALLYYY??

The obsessive cleaner











If you wash your dishes and are a bit clean you are probably friends with her. If not, be prepared. She might use tape to mark which side of the room is hers and which side is yours. Do not let ANYTHING cross that line if you wanna live.

The Ghost














You met her at some point when you moved in, after that you bumped into her somewhere last week and it was only for 2 minutes. At the beginning you even wondered if she was still alive, or if you should call somebody. Now you just know she’s fine, and that she’ll come back at some point.

The noise maker













You perfectly know when she’s home. Blasting her music, singing, watching a movie late at night. You’ll probably end up wishing your roomie would shut up or at least put the volume down.

The slob















The slob doesn’t care about her side of the room. Clothes are everywhere in the room, empty chinese food containers covering her desk, and it’s hard to walk across the room without falling over multiple pairs of shoes. It really looks like a bomb exploded.

The one who is in a serious relationship










Her wall is full of photos of her and her boyfriend, as him being in the room 24/7. They are constantly cuddling, watching movies and doing a couple of weird things in your presence. You can’t have a normal conversation with your roommate without her talking about her boyfriend or him appearing in the room.

Mr. Perfect

mr perfect











He is super healthy, works out every day and of course. If you are eating something greasy or unhealthy for sure he will comment on EVERY single thing you eat or do. He will also give you advice on how to do things because he knows everything better.

The thief


















One day you let your roommate in your room, next day she is wearing your blouse, then your shampoo is empty and your food too.

She will always do it in a really careful way, so that you will only find it out after some days.

The perfect match










Since the first day you both met you had a good connection. And now you are in inseparable. She’s there for you when you are lonely, when you need to gossip or party. You don’t know what would your life be without her in the house.

Good luck with your new roomies and wish you will find your perfect match!!


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