It’s hard to get through a semester at uni without meeting that one person who never stops talking about the most amazing experience of their life – their semester abroad. And yes, sometimes you just want to tell them to please stop talking. About the time they went on spring break in Cancun or sky diving in Austria. But believe it or not, you’d be the same if you went on exchange yourself. Because it really is an invaluable opportunity like no other, whether you’re dying to experience college party life in the US or craving a culinary adventure through Europe.

So here I’m going to give you ten reasons why I think you would benefit from taking a semester abroad, whether you’re a party animal, a straight A student, or anywhere in between.

Broaden your horizons

It really goes without saying that travelling is one of the best ways to gain new perspectives and a greater understanding of the ways of the world. Whilst Australia is a multicultural society, we are lucky enough to be able to meet people from all corners of the world. But life here is still very different from life anywhere else.

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Build your confidence

One of the biggest challenges of studying abroad is making it through the first phase: shock. The day you arrive, all sorts of thoughts may be running through your head, like: “What am I doing here and why am I here all alone?!?” Going out and meeting new people in an unfamiliar place, and getting through that first phase of culture shock can be challenging, but overcoming it is extremely rewarding and self-assuring.


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Make new friends

Yes, Australians are everywhere. Even if you choose the most exotic location on your university’s list of exchange destinations there’s a 99% chance (roughly) that you’re going to meet another Aussie exploring the other side of the world. Nonetheless, you’re bound to make a bunch of new friends from all over the globe.


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Boost your resumé

It’s no secret that living and studying abroad is an extremely valuable experience that builds young minds into confident individuals. Whether you can boost your resumé with extra-curricular experiences that you engaged with or just simply add the exchange semester to your list of educational experience, prospective employers will often regard you higher for it.


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Immerse yourself in a new culture

Even countries that we feel we know well through pop culture or the internet have very different lifestyles to that which we have in Australia. Whether you go somewhere slightly familiar or not familiar at all, there are always different customs, traditions, arts, and history to immerse yourself in.


Master a new language

If you choose to go somewhere where English (or any other native language you may have) is not the first language, you’re bound to come back in impeccable command of a new one. We all know that immersion is the best way to learn a new language


(Don’t) break the bank

There aren’t many countries  that offer their students the kinds of loans that Australians can receive for student exchanges. Some would even say that it would be silly for anyone to forego the amazing opportunity provided by the government’s OS-HELP loan. Even without it, managing your finances abroad is a great way to learn how not to break the bank.

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Experience a different style of education

One of the best ways to improve your study skills and ability to get through tough semesters at uni is learning how to adapt to different teaching and learning styles. Whether it be engaging in class debates in the US or the more formal lecture style of classes in France, you’re bound to find yourself adapting to a new kind of learning and benefiting greatly from it.

Make a new hobby!

Of course exchange isn’t all about the university experience It’s also about all the different adventures you’ll have alongside it. You might find yourself learning how to snowboard after seeing snow for the first time. Or maybe cherry blossom viewing in Japan’s beautiful Spring, or playing a new sport that you’d never even heard of before.

Open the door…

Lastly, regardless of what kind of exchange you envision, I can guarantee you that you’ll be surprised  by the breadth of experiences you’ll have. No one can predict for you what will happen on your trip.
But its almost certain that going out and exploring the world will open up your door to an unimaginable wealth of new opportunities.


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So the next time that person starts telling their latest story about that time they were on exchange, instead of tuning out and wishing they’d stop, get some more tips about studying abroad and find out how to apply at your university!


Elisa is currently studying postgrad Medicine in Australia and working as part of the GradReady GAMSAT Prep Marketing Team. In her spare time (a rare occurrence these days), Elisa loves writing about all the ups and downs of uni life.



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