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10 Funny Tweets Quarantined Students Can Relate To

10 Funny Tweets Quarantined Students Can Relate To

Twitter is unmatched when it comes to witty humor, it’s the perfect social platform for quarantined students to share their thoughts on studying during this time. With the live stream of commentary, it’s almost impossible not to stumble upon a tweet that will make you chuckle… So we made a list of some! Here are 10 funny tweets you as a student can definitely relate to. 

We’ve all been there.. 

When the lecturer asks if you did the pre-reading

Who needs a pen and paper when you have a bed

Remember folks, attendance is key!

‘You can take me out of university but you can’t take the university out of me’ – a determined student

Repeat after me ‘I am that kid, that kid is me’

The classic ‘sleeping on the job’ student

The good old invisible ink trick, you almost got me there!

A wise man once said ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’

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