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10 Tips: How to Write Job Descriptions to Attract Millennials

10 Tips: How to Write Job Descriptions to Attract Millennials

Millennials, also known as Generation Y (Gen Y), are those born between 1981 and 1996, and they represent the largest segment in the workforce today. However, it may be hard to attract a professional to your job position as each generation has its own values and demands. You won’t surprise a Gen Y candidate with a convenient schedule or a list of common responsibilities. An employer must stand out from the crowd with their job description. How to find and hire competent specialists when looking among millennials? Read our tips, and you’ll quickly find the way to a candidate’s heart.

10 Tips on Writing Great Job Descriptions

Once you decide to look for a candidate among the representatives of Generation Y, you should consider a few details before creating a job description. Benefits and money aren’t the only things they expect from your company. Millennials want to find purpose in their work and to share the goals and values of the organisation. Use the following tips to attract the best specialists.

  • Write clear job titles

Recruiters and employers want to impress a job-seeker with creativity. Unfortunately, the decision to write titles containing phrases like “rockstar in management”, “guru of content” or “king of analytics” often leads to fewer applicants. Millennials look for jobs through search engines, different platforms, and social media, and it’s unlikely an advertisement with such a title will appear above all the others. Be concise and clear – write “sales manager”, “copywriter” or “analytics specialist”. This way, you’ll create a well-optimised job ad.

  • Stick to the point

Time is precious, and young people don’t want to waste it. Create short descriptions  containing only relevant and important information. A few paragraphs are enough to explain what a candidate will do at your company, your values, and potential career growth.

  • Describe the responsibilities clearly

Make your description informative and clear for the job seeker. Many employers don’t provide much information about the position and candidates could feel surprised by the number of responsibilities mentioned at the interview. Don’t waste anybody’s time and help the candidate understand if this is the right position for them. This will also save you time as you will not receive as many applications from people unsuitable for the role.  

  • Write about their professional growth

We all are looking for a place where we can grow as specialists. Describe how you support your team members, or how a candidate will develop professionally at your company. Write about the contribution a future employee will be able to make.

  • Focus on salary, skills, and goals

Many employers make the same mistake – they all concentrate on the candidate’s experience. A lot of (younger) millennials may not have a vast professional background. Very often, great specialists will hesitate to send their resume because they don’t have the 5 or 10 years experience being asked of them. Focus on compensation, skills, and goals – these three aspects should go together. For a seeker, it’s important to understand if they get adequately compensated for their knowledge and talents.

  • Demonstrate you appreciate your team

Showcase team building events, courses you’re ready to pay for, the flexibility of schedule, and any other aspect that shows how much you respect employees. Seekers strive to see that people have value at your company. Great corporate culture will attract a millennial. 

  • Use flexibility as one of the main advantages

The days of employees feeling as if they are robots are long gone. People want to see that you understand them and can accept their conditions too. Write about flexible hours or the possibility of remote work in your description – it may attract a professional who is based in another city.

  • Tell about Future learning

Studying is a habit for Generation Y – young people are looking for companies where they can learn something new. Attract millennials with the chance to attend courses, online tuition opportunities, participation in training events, and so on. If your company doesn’t have such benefits, think of adding them.

  • Pay attention to details

A candidate will consider the tiniest detail in your job ad. They will pay attention to mistakes, miswording, jargon, and clichés. Use online checkers to get rid of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. You can also ask colleagues to read the description and remove any unnecessary information.

  • Separate ad by sections

Make your description readable for a candidate. Divide the information by paragraphs, especially, if you write about different things. For example, a short company story should go first. Write about responsibilities in the next section, and describe what you offer in the last one. 

Final Words

It may take time to find the best specialist among millennials. But with our tips, you will make the process faster, and we’re sure that the chosen candidate will become a perfect member of your team! Use these recommendations every time you need to create a job ad.

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