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CV Writing Hacks to Land your Dream Job

CV Writing Hacks to Land your Dream Job

Are you a student who’s looking for an internship?Are you a recent graduate approaching the job market for the first time?If that’s the case, then this post is perfect for you!We are gonna share with you the top tips to create a great CV that will definitely gonna grab your employer’s attention, and that will ultimately help you land that job or internship!


You don’t need to be a design expert to create an eye-catching and attractive CV. There are several online tools that will help you build a resume by allowing you to access and customise premade templates. Canva is one of them. You just need to choose the template that you like more and you can start inserting your information right away! Another similar option is Job Nexus. Unlike Canva, you don’t need to sign up to download templates, which makes everything easier and faster.


It is crucial to edit your CV for each job you’re applying for. First of all, you should match your job objective or target job title to the job description. Next, it is important to customize your skills to match the same keywords used in the official job posting. In addition, let the employer know how exactly you can fit with the company’s culture and values. If you’re looking for a job while studying at uni, check out our tips for finding a job as a student! 


Back up your claims with facts and quantifiable statements. Most people just write about how they possess a certain quality. Well, that is ‘telling”, and it’s certainly not enough to make your CV stand out!You need to show the employer what you did in your previous job/university and how you reached certain achievements. To know what kind of information you should exactly include in your CV, check out this post from the Career Improvement Club!


Human resources managers see hundreds of CVs each day. That is why you should just keep the main facts and not dwell too long on each section. If you just graduated and you don’t have much experience, the ideal length of a CV is one page.


You only have one occasion to make a good first impression, so you should avoid any typos or spelling errors on your resume!Editing and proofreading are two essential steps that will allow you to perfect your CV!

Ok, now you have all the tools to write the perfect CV. The next step?Preparing for your job interview, of course!

So don’t forget to read our handy article about how to get ready for interviews!

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