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6 Steps To Help You Find Your Perfect Career Path

6 Steps To Help You Find Your Perfect Career Path

Are you unsure about your future career path?

We’ve all experienced that part of life where we’re unsure about our future career path, don’t fret! You’re not the first person to be in this predicament. Some know the career path they want to take from a young age whilst others are still trying to find a career path that is perfect for them and that is completely okay. In any case we have you covered! Here are 6 Steps To Help You Find Your Perfect Career Path!

Figure out where you are in life 

What are your likes and dislikes? What excites you? Do you have any major interests? Take some time to find the answers to these questions, this will help you create the foundations needed to narrow down your selection of career path potentials. We all want to actually enjoy the career we find ourselves in, it may even be a sign that it’s time to change your current career path if it’s just not working out for you anymore or if you don’t enjoy it as much as you once did. Don’t let this demotivate you! See it as an opportunity to start something new that you’d love to invest time and effort into. 

Plan out your future career path

Setting goals helps us to plan for the future, so applying this concept to your career plan is a great idea! Statistics show that goal setting is linked to higher rates of achievement, so it’s possible that you’ll see great results if you do this too.

  1. First map out your short term, mid term and long-term goals to set a concrete foundation for you to constantly refer back to when moving forward with your future career, think of this as a checklist to keep you on track.
  2. Write down the skills, knowledge and experience you already possess and jot down what additional skills are required for the career you wish to undertake, then compare the skill sets to see where they overlap.  Don’t worry if some skills are missing or underdeveloped! There’s a simple solution – plan out ways you can achieve the skills necessary for your chosen career.
  3. Lastly, note down your personal preferences, values and limitations so you have a complete overview of your capabilities.

Research your options

Before you jump into your new career path, make sure you’ve done some research! The internet is your greatest asset for a task like this. After you’ve researched your potential future career choices, it’ll be much easier for you to filter out the career paths that are not for you – moving you one step closer to finding your perfect career. Once you’ve figured out which route you want to go down you may also want to do some research on the companies you’d like to work for in the future, just to have an idea of the bigger picture. 

Don’t forget to network!

Actively networking can be incredibly beneficial in the search to find your perfect career path, even if you’re still unsure of what that may be. Networking is a great way to find out more information and to get a better insight into the career path you may be interested in, particularly because it enables you to have direct contact with those who are currently working in that field.

In the case where you’re still undecided about a career path, networking is a great opportunity to find out a bit about everything, it may even inspire new ideas as to what you’d like to do with your future. Networking events are full of people from different career fields and backgrounds so make use of the opportunity and talk to as many people as possible! The more people you interact with, the more useful knowledge you gain!

Find a mentor 

A good mentor can give you a huge advantage! The guidance they provide can really help you to boost your career as well as your confidence, especially as this career path is new to you. How will having a mentor benefit you? Good question!  Career mentors not only help to educate you in your chosen career field but they also provide advice for when you’re unsure about something career related – and we all know how appreciated a second opinion can be in times of uncertainty.

Studies also show that employees who were previously mentored seem to gain more benefits from their career, some examples of this include receiving a greater number of promotions and on a more personal level, feeling more satisfied with their career. Having a mentor is a fantastic way to get ahead and really experience what your potential career may be like, think of it as a way of testing the waters before you dive in head first.

Find an internship

Another way to explore your career of interest is by experiencing it first hand through an internship! An internship is the perfect way to find out more about the inner workings of your chosen field of interest and to gain easier access into your chosen career path. Actually working in the environment of professionals can really help to inspire and push you forward in the pursuit of your future career. It’s a great opportunity to develop and refine certain skills that are necessary for that industry, along with gaining valuable work experience which will help boost your self confidence when completing tasks.  

And Remember…
Finding your perfect career isn’t always a straightforward process. Once you’ve decided which career path you want to go down you’ll find that sometimes things don’t go exactly the way you planned, but don’t worry, life is full of twists and turns as we all know. A key point to remember is that we all have the ability to be adaptable and that’s how we make the best out of unpredictable situations. Prematurely jumping into a job or career can often cause problems; sometimes a dependable approach, even if it’s not as fast as you had hoped, can be more beneficial to you in the long run.

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