We all know that being a student can be expensive. Supporting your studies financially can be a hard task, especially when you are weighed down with deadlines, presentations and exams. But most of us have to figure out a way to balance our studies with earning a bit of extra cash to get us by. If you’re wondering how you can make some money alongside your studies, we’ve done the hard part for you. Here are ten ways that you could earn some extra dollar to help see you through the school year!

1. Become a Tutor

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If you’re doing pretty well in your subject and feel like you could help out some fellow students, becoming a Tutor could help you make some extra cash. This would be perfect for students a bit further on in their degree, who might help struggling first or second-year students with assignments and exams. Granted, this one requires a fair bit of time, but say you have a two hour session with two students once a week, you could charge $10-15 for each session. That’s an extra $40-60 a month! If you live in the Netherlands and are the best in your class, why not consider becoming a teacher for TentamenTrainingen? The bonus of all this is you’ll get extra brownie points for helping people out…good on you!

2. Get a Part-time Job

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This one might seem obvious, but we thought we’d mention it anyway. There are normally loads of part-time job opportunities on campus or near to your university. Think about all the local bars, clubs and restaurants you could work a couple of nights a week for. Failing this, you could always sign up to an agency that offer you work when they have it. This is also a great option for students who don’t want to commit to contracts as you can work whenever suits you. The normal openings are in bar work and waiting on tables but there will definitely be something that suits everyone provided they put in the hard work!

3. Freelance

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Freelancing is a great way of getting paid AND building your portfolio of work at the same time. It obviously depends on the type of degree you are studying, but it is a great way of getting your name out there amongst employers and trying out new styles of work to see what suits you best. Popular fields of freelance work include writing and journalism, graphic design, media production, advertising and many more. If you feel you can balance your student obligations and freelance at the same time it is definitely not an opportunity to miss! Find out how to freelance here.

4. Online Surveys

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There are so many websites that want your opinion. So much so that they will actually pay you for your input! Some offer payments after completing a certain amount surveys and sometimes you can earn vouchers and gift cards as a reward for your effort. But every little helps and money is money, right? The ones we like the most are Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks and Toluna. Remember to always read the terms and conditions and note that these surveys do take some time, but if you do a couple of surveys every day you are sure to get rewarded in no time!

5. Get Cashback

Granted, you have to spend money to get money back when using Cashback sites and apps. But it’s definitely a great way to save some pennies and also be more aware of how much you could save when shopping for necessities like food and toiletries. You can earn around 6% cash back on every purchase you make, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you are saving all the time it definitely helps! Some of the best sites for this are Swagbucks, Top Cashback, Ebates and the iBotta app.

6. Babysitting

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This is a good one if you need a break from studying and are happy being responsible for children. Babysitting is pretty easy and as long as you can care to the basic needs of yourself, you can pretty much look after children as well! Depending on how often you do it and the family that you help out, babysitting can earn you a pretty penny in no time. But don’t do it just for the cash. You have to actually like children and be able to look after them. Plus, once they’ve gone to bed you can use the time to study or catch up on work until the parents get home.

7. Be a Food Delivery Rider/Driver

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This is fast becoming a very popular role for students who like to exercise and want a bit of extra cash. Why not try becoming a rider for food delivery services like Deliveroo? Not a fan of exercise? If you drive a car or a motorbike, you could also deliver pizzas or takeaways and the good thing about this is you can get extra tips too!

8. Be an Extra

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Got a spare day here and there? Apply to be an extra for a TV program or film! It’s a pretty easy job and you often don’t have to do much except stand in the background and look busy, or walk through a set. Payment for a day’s work can be anywhere from $40-60 and it’s also pretty cool to say you were involved in something like that.

9. Look After Someone’s Pet

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Pet sitting is a great alternative to babysitting if children aren’t your thing. Websites like Pet Sitter help you to connect with pet-parents that are looking for sitters. Pet sitting might seem like an easy job, but it does require attention and responsibility, you shouldn’t do it just for the money. You can’t just sit around and let them roam, they need feeding, walking and entertaining and that is what you’re being paid to do!

You can also check out Your Dog Advisor Website, where they will help you make the right decision!

Having said this, it does also leave time for you to study, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

10. Become an Au Pair

If you like babysitting, a similar role that might suit you is becoming an Au Pair for the summer. Vacancies are normally well paid, sometimes they can involve travelling with the family and if you become an Au Pair in a foreign country you will also gain invaluable international experience at the same time. Sometimes you can get Au Pair roles through family friends, but if nobody you know needs a helping hand, there are many sites out there to help you broadcast your services to a wider community of families looking for help. AuPair World, AuPair.com and AuPairCare are just a couple of the sites available to help you start your search for work.


Of course, students all want to have fun whilst they are studying and things aren’t always cheap. But remember that it’s okay to spend money on socializing here and there, as long as you budget along the way!


If after all these suggestions you are STILL looking for quick ways to make some cash, why not sell your notes to StuDocu and receive an offer in 30 seconds! We love original, good quality documents so if you have some you would like to upload, go for it!


Happy earning!


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