Best mobile apps for students

Top 10 apps for students

As students, it can be very hard to stay constantly on top of things and not lose track of all the tasks and commitments we have. However, technology can help us deal with day-to-day activities and assignments, making our life much easier. From managing your time and finances to being more productive, here are the best mobile applications that can really make a difference in your student life!


How to travel on a Student Budget

Most of us want to travel. Especially as a student there are so many places you want to see and your bucket list seems to explode. However, the downside of travelling can be the budget. As a student, you probably are a little bit more restricted with the money you can spend – still, you want to explore the world! Is it possible to see and travel the world on a budget and keep the expenses low at the same time? Yes it is!

How to prepare for a job interview in English

An upcoming job interview in English may be daunting, especially if you are not a native speaker and your professional English, or business English as many tend to call it, is rusty. You may be understandably nervous about the thought of answering questions and worried about being able to sell yourself in the right light.

Don’t worry, this is not something to get all worked up about. If you follow our PPP three step plan you will be set for success without a doubt.


10 Reasons to Study Abroad

It’s hard to get through a semester at uni without meeting that one person who never stops talking about the most amazing experience of their life – their semester abroad. And yes, sometimes you just want to tell them to please stop talking. About the time they went on spring Read more…

5 Reasons Why You Need to Do Your Internship in Amsterdam

Most of us have to do an internship sooner or later during our studies, but choosing the right city might be a little bit overwhelming.

But no worries, I got you covered!

 Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most visited cities and if you’ve ever seen pictures of Amsterdam or have been there yourself, you probably know why:

You just can’t dislike the capital of the Netherlands with its thousands of people riding their (world famous) bikes every day and canals surrounding the old-fashioned wobbly houses. It’s definitely a city worth experiencing for a few months!

But in case you need some more convincing – read on!