Sustainable christmas and gifts

Christmas? – Yes, but make it sustainable!

Christmas is finally around the corner. Even though it’s supposed to be the most peaceful time of the year, everybody is super stressed out. Presents are bought last minute on the 24th of December in way too crowded stores. But why does this happen every year? Year after year, we buy presents just to have bought something. If it wasn’t the right present for the person who received it, it might be even tossed in the trash. I thought about this topic a lot lately and I summarized all my tips for you to have a more peaceful and sustainable Christmas this year.


Bullet journal

Why you should start your own Bullet Journal

As a student – living a student life – it might be hard to stay organized. Believe me, I was like that when I first started going to uni. Just a few months ago I stumbled into bullet journaling. All of a sudden, my way of organizing became easy and fun! I hope that, with sharing my experience, people will see the beauty of bullet journaling. You as well! Excited to learn more about bullet journaling? Then keep on reading!


Christmas Gift Guide for Students

Christmas is just around the corner. Even though it’s supposed to be a very peaceful and calm time, most of us tend to get stressed. Probably because we have to think about gifts and we don’t want to again give away vouchers which never will be actually redeemed. Or maybe you’re a student and you can’t throw money around like confetti, but you actually are on a low budget. But don’t worry! We have come up with a Christmas Gift Guide for students on a limited budget. 



The smell of cinnamon and hot mulled wine is filling the air around us. The streets are full of warm colored lights. Christmas songs are already invading our radio and YouTube searches. The shops are brimming with people thinking of Christmas gifts. Yes, December is around the corner and we Read more…