Lifestyle July 26, 2019
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Pride – Retrospective

Two months ago, in May 2019, Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage. Since the early 2000s, more and more governments include this right in their constitution – each time a victory for the Pride movement. Whilst there are still great efforts to be made until we reach global equality for ...
Lifestyle July 19, 2019
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Strong Mental Health, Part 2

In order to have a good quality of life, building strong mental health is of utmost importance. In the previous article, I spoke about Mental Health awareness, so make sure to check it out before reading on! There was a very good example Charles Kadushin presented that shows how society is built. In the core ...
Lifestyle July 08, 2019
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Mental Health Awareness, part 1

Our mental health influences the way we think, how we feel and how we approach life. It also influences how we overcome challenges, how it affects our ability to cope with stress and consequently how it affects our relationships. And the way we live affects our mental health. When I was doing the research for ...
Lifestyle May 03, 2019
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A National Health Issue Called COPD

Have you ever heard anything of COPD? Probably not, but maybe the terms asthma and bronchitis do ring a bell. But what happens when these diseases become chronic and non-reversible? Read more to find out! Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (aka COPD) is an umbrella term which is used to characterise different progressive lung diseases like ...
Lifestyle April 26, 2019
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Digital Transformation Trends 2019: What Lies Ahead

From an implementation perspective, digital transformation is about your next piece of software. But from a strategic, goal-oriented perspective, digital transformation trends surpass the monthly cloud subscriptions or the next program package that will create a new business model. Key insights from 2018 picked up by current adopters have made it clear that the transformation ...
Lifestyle, Student Life April 11, 2019
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Why you shouldn’t neglect sleep as a student

Hey there, how did you sleep last night? This might seem like an unusual question, but its significance will soon become clear. We’ve been wanting to write a blog post about sleep ever since we came across a few articles that showed us how detrimental lack of sleep truly is. The articles go into detail ...