Lifestyle August 02, 2016
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5 Reasons why you should study abroad

We all love traveling. Exploring new places, meeting new people and getting drunk from new types of alcohol abroad. Usually it’s all squeezed into one or two weeks, which are amazing, intense and unforgettable. When we come back from our vacation we annoy our relatives with unbelievable, endless stories and we are always ready to ...
Lifestyle July 22, 2016
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15 Fascinating Dorms Around the World

Living in dorms is an integral part of the ultimate university experience. But if you think about it, every university has its own unique atmosphere. Have you ever wondered about what life can be in a dorm far far away? Here are 15 rather individual student dorms from around the globe. Which one would you prefer? 1. Brandeis University ...
Lifestyle July 21, 2016
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10 types of college roommates

One of the skills you don’t learn in school is how to live together with other people, that’s where this blog post comes in.. Here we will identify the classic ones, it’s up to you to learn how to be a good roommate and prepare yourself, cause it won’t be easy.. The party animal   ...
Lifestyle July 07, 2016
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Prom Day!

In life there are several stages and each stage has a different ending. One of these stages is the wonderful student years, which can not finish better than with a big party: Prom. That event where we are mixed emotions, congratulations, the pictures, toast, and toast and toast until next morning and that everybody waits ...
Lifestyle April 05, 2016
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5 Promises a student will never live up to

Now the midterms are far far behind you and the new semester has been going on for a while now. And a new semester is basically like a new year. Like after every single exam period, we keep telling ourselves that the next time we will do it differently. This will be the semester in ...
Lifestyle April 05, 2016
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Brainfood for studying

Studying seems to be the best excuse to consume all kinds of candy, sweets, chips and dips. We absolutely love it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do more than give us an energy kick for a short amount of time. This article will mention 8 sorts of brainfood you should eat while studying. They will not only ...