Jobs, Student Life April 04, 2019
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10 Tips on presenting

Whether you need to present your case studies for your Economics class, or for a board of business people who are possibly going to invest in your innovative idea, presenting can be nerve-wrecking. Even if you are great at presenting, tips might be helpful to get even better at it. With these 10 tips on ...
StuDocu January 24, 2019
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24 Fun Facts about StuDocu

StuDocu is well-known for its learning- and sharing purposes, but what about the inside of StuDocu? How do things work? Are there even people behind StuDocu?! You are about to find out in this post, where we will share fun facts about the yet-unknown inside of StuDocu! Place of birth StuDocu is born and raised ...
Lifestyle December 07, 2018
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Why you should start your own Bullet Journal

As a student – living a student life – it might be hard to stay organized. Believe me, I was like that when I first started going to uni. Just a few months ago I stumbled into bullet journaling. All of a sudden, my way of organizing became easy and fun! I hope that, with ...