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Try 30 days of Premium for free

Try 30 days of Premium for free

The best way to enjoy StuDocu is with a Premium subscription. Right now we’re giving away 30 days for free! How awesome is that?

Here’s what we’re offering:


How do I get Premium?

Upgrading your account is very easy. If you don’t have a studocu account yet you’re also entitled to a free trial 🙂


1 Go to StuDocu.com and click Try Premium for free


Premium studocu study university


2 Enter your payment details and become Premium.

Premium studocu study university


Note: Even if there is no initial charge, we may require a valid payment method to start a trial offer, so we can confirm your country and process payments if you decide to remain on Premium after your trial period ends. If you sign up for a trial, the  subscription will automatically continue at the regular rate after the trial period expires. You can cancel anytime during the trial if you don’t want to be charged.


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