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10 Books US College Students Have to Read

US colleges mandate their students to read many books during their studies. If these books were to be reduced to 10, the books in this post are the most popular once. These books can be found in the curriculum of many US universities, particularly the top colleges. Giving the popularity of these books, it is ...
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Australian Universities World Ranking 2018

Australia is well known for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous landscape. Its universities are also very popular among international students for the high quality education they offer. This year, the QS World University Rankings featured 37 Australian universities among the best in the world, two more than last year. Seven of the universities are among the global ...
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Study Tips: How to succeed in college

When it comes to studying, the most common question students ask is how much time should be devoted to studying? A realistic answer to that question is, it’s different for everyone. However, a good rule of thumb is that: For every credit unit, you should expect to study 2 to 3 hours per week on ...
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StuDocu buys your Notes, Book Summaries and Past Exams

What is StuDocu? StuDocu wants to make all students excel at their studies. We are a platform where students can share their notes and find study material for free. Already 2.3 Million students over the world are helping each other on StuDocu. To kick-start our concept at your university, we are interested in buying your documents. ...
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How to Upload your Documents on StuDocu

Upload your study materials on StuDocu to become a premium user. A premium membership gives you access to over 850,000 valuable materials available on StuDocu.com. In addition to that, uploading your documents also gives you tickets that qualifies you for the StuDocu lottery. Uploading is very easy, it only requires a few steps. Follow the guidelines below ...